What if anything is possible? What if all of the constructs, the defences, the stories we tell our self that we are not good enough were all an illusion?  What if you are deeply connected to everything and therefore You are infinite beyond your wildest dreams.  What if all of your true desires and dreams could come true.  What if your dreams are the gifts that are needed in the world right now.

Recently, I posted on a group that I belong to… I shared my deepest vulnerabilities and then shared my biggest dreams that I would like to see happen.  One beautiful and courageous soul wrote me and said that from the way I expressed myself, she thought my dreams had already happened.  She had belief in my dreams. Why not?  In fact, she thought they were already a reality. When I really examined that, although I was sharing my BiG dreams, deep down I didn’t believe they could really happen for me.

It takes courage to step into the BIG picture.  To view yourself as vast and connected but at the same time significant.  To really believe in yourself, in your dreams and believe that you are connected to the big picture. Aloha is exactly that being a part of all, and all being a part of you.

It also takes facing your fears, your deepest thoughts, your deepest shame about how inadequate you are, holding them up to the light and then letting the light crumble them into dust. Then stepping with courage into your new perceptions your new way of thinking about yourself. Recognizing the truth, that you are enough, you are more then enough.  You are truly loved, truly connected and your gifts are truly needed.

My Dream, my BIG dream is to change the world, to truly transform people lives through my Yoga Retreats.  In my upcoming Retreat to the BIG Island in Hawaii – I am reminded of Aloha. When we translate Aloha it is roughly: Alo “sharing, in the present” Oha “Joyous affection, joy” and ha “life energy, life, breath”. So the joyful sharing of life energy, or sharing joyful breath in the present. That is my purpose: the Joyful sharing of life energy!

One of the things that connects me most is being in Nature. We think of Nature as being something outside of ourselves, but the Hawaiians have no word for “nature” in the sense of “being outside of nature”, The ancients did not view nature as being something separate from themselves.  We are a part of nature, we are connected, so how can we be separate.  This gives me so much strength, I am not alone, I believe that any inspiration however softly whispered is of the earth. I am a child of the earth. So who am I, not to believe in myself. In Hawaiian, earth is  “Honua”. The meaning of Honua is “to give generously and continuously, to indulge as a child, surging, rising in swells, as the sea”. Wow, the earth is continuously and generously giving to satisfy our needs and wishes? Thank you, thank you thank you. However, even Honua must renew its energy, just as the rising swells of the sea must recede.

In our Retreat, The Spirit of Aloha: Yoga Retreat Hawaii, March 4-10, 2017, we will retreat and embrace nature and ourselves in order to Renew our energy.  We will tap into the deeper rising of our BIG Dreams to bring them forth into reality. It is my hope that renewing, nourishing and loving yourself the Aloha way by joining us on Retreat in Hawaii is one of your BIG Dreams.

Check out link: http://radiantwildyogaretreats.com/spirit-aloha-yoga-retreat-hawaii/

Many blessings,