Radiant Wild Workplace Yoga

Radiant Wild Yoga offers amazing weekend and weeklong retreat packages for your business. We also offer corporate Yoga. One of our qualified teachers will come into your office and teach 1/2, 45 minutes or 1 hour sessions. Your workplace will benefit from having Yoga as part of your health & wellness package.   Employees are more productive, happy and refreshed after a Yoga session with Radiant Wild.

Call 250 354 0388 to Book now or e mail us at radiantwildyogaretreats@gmail.com

Nelson, BC classes will be posted in the Fall

Class Descriptions

Prenatal Yoga

Strengthen, stretch and prepare for labour and birth mindfully. Learn breathing techniques, vocal toning and yoga postures in order to stay comfortable, strong and focused through pregnancy beyond.  Meet other expectant mothers and build community. Beginners welcome.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a deep and divine inner practice of long held seated postures that targets the connective tissues of the body. Yin calls on one to observe, allow, and surrender as body and mind marinate in the poses. Yin is suitable for all levels and a beautiful compliment to sports and all styles of yoga.

Vinyasa Flow

When we dance, part of the joy is freedom of movement of the body. When we breathe, part of the connection with flow is in appreciation of the air we breathe. Drea’s Vinyasa Flow Class embodies this joyful freedom of movement and connection with the breath in a playful, challenging yet nurturing and safe practice. In this class,  correct alignment is combined with a playful and creative approach. Yoga extends beyond the layers of the physical and reaches the emotional and the spiritual. This is key – our connection to our own divine nature within the imperfection of our human selves.


Radiantly Abundant You

I choose happiness, success and abundance in my life - positive affirmation words on a slate blackboard against red barn wood

In this 4 week abundance course you will go from zero to your own hero. You come out of it with a new way of thinking and feeling and a belief in yourself that you did not know existed.

If you are struggling with abundance in money, relationships or how to get to where you want to be in your life – Radiantly Abundant You is for you. You will come out feeling more confident, abundant and calm.

As one past participant said” I feel empowered, I let go of fear and I now stand strong in my voice and love”. Kristy F
Another participant said ” I learned from this course that anything is possible – that we are all in it together finding our way thru our conditioning, our darkness. The homework really guided me to explore aspects of my inner self that I may not have know how to identify or explore on my own” Amy V

What you get:
-14 hours hands on time in a supportive small group
-All homework material (worksheets)
-Weekly notes (sent via email)
-Mindfullness Meditations
– drum journey to find your power animal
-visioning work. worthiness work, relationship to money work,
-Yoga each week to connect you to your own unique flow
-Weekly meet up including sharing circles (very grounding)
-access to the facilitator via email/phone for the 4 weeks of the course

About the Facilitator:

Drea Phoenix is a senior Yoga (500 level) who has been teaching for 15 years. She is also a Shamanic Practitioner and mesa carrier of the Quero lineage.
She developed this course when she was at her lowest financially – when debt collectors were calling and she was in a deep perception of lack. She did a lot of inward work to examine her beliefs around money and limitations that she had imposed on herself and her dreams. Over an 18 month period she developed the Radiantly Abundant You Course. She is the founder of Radiant Wild (a permaculture and Shamanic Yoga company). She offers Retreats and workshops and lives on her dream property.
Here’s what participants have said about Drea ” Drea made space for everyone in the group to feel supported in the journey. Loved the flow of each class from Yoga to talking about homework. Even if some tough emotions came up I left feeling calm and inspired.” “Drea is a powerful and Intuitive facilitator. She is capable of holding the space is a unique way that facilitates immense transformation. She is able to tune into areas within each participant to allow each soul to find their own way” Melissa W.
Spaces are limited
Investment: $399.00
Payment Plans avail and limited scholarships.

Reserve Now

Stepping Forward: November 27th, 2016 2-5.30pm  – @ Sante 350 Baker St, Nelson BC (FULLY BOOKED)

Chasing the sun.

Using mindfulness, meditation, yoga and life coaching – this workshop enables you to:
Tap into your power, create your future, feel your strength, unlock your potential and find courage to let go and step into your truest self.



“Drea is full of life and passion and brings those traits onto the mat when she is teaching yoga. She makes everyone feel instantly welcome. She is upbeat, happy, easily approachable, friendly and always smiling. She helps people get in touch with their bodies and offers adjustments where necessary in a safe and supportive way. She also makes yoga fun!”