About Drea Phoenix

My path to yoga

Drea-portraitMy true journey leads me to listen to my heart…

My path is engaging with both my passions Yoga and Travel in a way that connects me in a meaningful way to myself, to nature and to others.

I started my path in Yoga at 17 and I was drawn in a very deep way and somehow knew that this was “my way”. When I was in India I was called “an old soul” and India itself felt familiar. My path of Yoga led to self-discovery and for many years it was enough to practice Yoga.

Then in 2006, I had this realization that I needed to share the knowledge that I had learned and in fact “not to share” would be selfish. That this was part of my higher purpose. I then completed my teacher training at the Bryon Bay Yoga Centre in Australia under the supervision of John Ogilvie. I have also studied with other teachers such as Shiva Rea, Christine Selda and Bernie Clark. I have been teaching ever since.

My teaching style

My intent is to bring joy and healing through the practice of Yoga – to guide people in the true connection of their inner being. I incorporate breath, sequencing and asana and mediation in my teachings. I teach a dynamic Vinyasa Flow Practice as well as Yin Yoga, Prenatal and Therapeutic Yoga. I  live in Nelson, BC in the heart of amazing mountains and teach classes ranging from women’s, prenatal and power yoga all with the same intention.

My love of Travel

I was in Law school at the time when I decided to go to India. I travelled to Malaysia, Thailand, India and Nepal. Before I left for my travels, I developed a nervous rash on my face, I was going by myself – It was the scariest thing I had ever done. When I arrived in Malaysia at 2pm with no where booked to stay – it was then that the magic happened. Things started to flow – I found my way.  It was the most amazing and profound experience and every time I look back – or when times in my life that were hard – I know that I did it! Everything Possible. From there I continued to travel all around the world and my journey of the spirit continues. My passion for Yoga along with my lifelong love of Travel have created meaningful purpose in my life and I feel blessed to be able to live my truth and inspire others on their journey. I truly hope you honour yourself and join me on Retreat. Much Love



Founder of Radiant Wild Yoga Retreats


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